Revival Moms exists to bring home educating mamas together in real life settings.

Here are a few ways we’re bringing moms together –


Women in our Revival Moms Local Gatherings meet once a month to cultivate relationships + share hopes, fears + wisdom with other mamas. We want to help home educating moms find deep, rich community.

Podcast Clubs

Revival Moms Podcast Clubs are the hip, new version of the book club. Listen to our podcast episodes then grab a few mamas + get the conversation going. We’ve even made a handy-dandy startup guide to help you do it.


Play groups + coffee dates just got a lot more meaningful. We have a growing number of resources to take your everyday mom chats a little deeper.

We weren’t created to do life alone.

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On the Revival Moms Podcast we discuss home education, faith, motherhood, marriage + more. Go reheat your coffee, grab that pile of laundry + join us for a chat.


The articles on our site are meant to bring you encouragement, insight + a little laughter too. Most of the pieces are written by mamas just like you – mamas that are reheating their coffee, checking a math lesson + making a PB+J all at the same time.


Through your generous donations we are able to bring homeschooling mamas together at our Local Gatherings, create content to encourage women who are on the mission field of motherhood, + provide resources that ignite deeper connections. Every donation goes directly toward the mission of Revival Moms. Click here to learn more.

Community is Essential.

In 2017 we started asking ourselves, what would it look like to see the headship of Christ restored in all aspects of life while inspiring community through relationships? What would that look like for homeschooling mothers? So, in 2018 the first season of our Revival Moms Local Gatherings came together in the basement of our local coffee shop. Yup. The basement. For 9 months, 26 women met regularly to share, laugh, cry, learn + grow together. Fast forward + we are currently gathering in a room with windows, serve a larger number of mamas than ever before + have multiple locations. Deep friendships are being born, mamas are being cared for + communities are growing.