Episode 6: Part 2 – Morning Times + Daily Rhythms

We had so much to share on morning time and daily rhythms that we had to break it up into two episodes! Take a peek into our daily lives as home educating mamas to see what life is like … most days.

How can you take all this and apply it to your real life meetings with other moms? Personally I love knowing what my friend’s days and weekly rhythms look like.  It makes me understand their life better and how I can serve them. Every so often my small group will take an evening and share just what Mallory and I shared on this episode. It lets me know which evenings they would be best blessed by a meal, what days I could offer to watch a few or all of their kids, which days they could use an extra text or email of encouragement.  We encourage you to ask the other mamas in your tribe about their daily grind and be open to sharing yours as well!

Show Notes

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Here is an excerpt from Elsie Iudicello‘s blog, Farmhouse Schoolhouse, on the Blessing Hour:

Finally we move on to Blessing Hour (never takes a whole hour these days). I have a list of chores broken up into four zones and each boy is assigned to a zone. We play music and bless the family by cleaning together. Its amazing how quickly the house is restored to rights when 5 people clean together rather than just one tired mama. Its done in no time at all! The house is cleaned and we can spend the last four or five hours of the day enjoying one another and relaxing. The boys run off to play and wait for Dad to come home and when he does they happily get lost in whatever he wants to do that evening. Music, farming projects, basketball games, etc.

Read her full post HERE

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