Episode 11: Realities, Myths + Expectations

Kyrie + Mallory are debunking some common homeschool myths on this week’s episode of the Revival Moms Podcast + sharing a few of the expectations they had at the beginning of their journeys. Did you know we made the Episode 1-3 Podcast Club Discussion Guide FREE + available to everyone?! We want you to get a clearContinue reading “Episode 11: Realities, Myths + Expectations”

Episode 10: Ask Us Anything

We have been getting a lot of great questions over on our REVIVAL MOMS Instagram account so we’ve decided to do an Ask Us Anything episode! Keep the questions coming because we’d like to release discussions like these every 10th episode. On today’s podcast, Mallory + Kyrie are talking about everything from date nights toContinue reading “Episode 10: Ask Us Anything”

Episode 9: Teaching Character

On this episode of the Revival Moms Podcast, Kyrie + Mallory chat about how they teach character in their homes, their family values and the sibling squabbles that are sure to make an appearance in their days. To find the specific resources discussed, check out the links below. Thanks for listening! Instagram Accounts: @revivalmoms MalloryContinue reading “Episode 9: Teaching Character”

Episode 7: Finding Joy With Courtney Dunlap

REVIVAL MOMS exists to bring moms together in real life settings.  We want you to cultivate relationships, share ideas, offer support and challenge each other to deepen your relationship with Jesus. One way we bring home educating moms together is through our REVIVAL MOMS Local Gatherings.  Women in this group meet once a month toContinue reading “Episode 7: Finding Joy With Courtney Dunlap”