Courage, dear heart

03. 24. 20

A letter from Revival Moms founder, Kyrie Zimmerman, during COVID-19.


As a homeschooling family, you may not feel the jolt of suddenly spending most of your days together at home, but chances are your daily rhythms have been altered.  No co-op.  Dad is working from home or has been laid off.  Playgroup + bible study have been cancelled.  The groceries you typically buy are difficult to obtain.  No one is coming over for dinner + you’re worried about the livelihood of your friends + family. Maybe at first it felt like an introvert’s paradise and a chance to add some hygge into your daily life but then all of a sudden social distancing felt more like isolation.  Courage, dear heart.  Aslan once whispered this to Lucy as she and her companions were trapped in complete darkness, surrounded only by their isolating fears in C.S. Lewis’ Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  My friends, take courage.  Because we know the darkness will never overcome the light, we can continue to have + spread hope during these strange, difficult days [1].

While the heart of Revival Moms remains to bring moms together in real life settings, we’re working to find new ways to encourage, strengthen + bear each other’s burdens during this time of physical distancing.

Much Love,

[1] John 1:5


Kyrie Zimmerman

Kyrie, founder of Revival Moms, is a homeschooling mama + foster mama of 3 … as of today. She has a heart to see moms gather, build community + truly do life together.

Instagram: @kyriezimmerman

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