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While the mission of Revival Moms is to bring home educating mamas together in real life settings we also love connecting with moms via email, social media + live web events. The articles on our site are meant to encourage + challenge women in their everyday walk through motherhood, homeschooling, marriage + sisterhood, remind the reader that they are not walking alone, + gathering with community is a critical part of growth.


DUE 05.31.20

What does freedom look like in your home? In motherhood? In your homeschool? What have you found freedom from or in?

DUE 07.31.20

You’ve been training up, cooking meals, wiping noses + repeating yourself – again. All those seemingly small, repetitive tasks eventually lead to a bountiful crop. Take time to reflect on what your family is harvesting this season – and don’t forget to write it down.

DUE 06.30.20

What brought you to this homeschooling journey? What is something you were afraid to begin, but knew you were being called to?
Tell a story from your first year of motherhood or homeschooling.

DUE 08.31.20

The definition of haven is a place of safety or refuge. Does your family have a specific place you retreat to? How are you making your home a haven for your family + friends?

Article submissions are accepted anytime, on any topic. Writing articles for Revival Moms should be a joyful, creative outlet for you! The above prompts are only suggestions to get you started on our upcoming article themes.



Article submissions must contain 500-800 words to be considered for the Revival Moms website.


Sometimes less is more. Articles submitted with 200-300 words will be taken into consideration for our social media accounts.

If we are interested in using your article, we will contact you within 2-4 weeks after your submission. Sometimes, we choose not to utilize certain articles + will let you know as soon as possible if we are unable to publish your write-up.

If being considered, your article may be returned to you with editorial comments/changes + we will wait for your approval prior to publishing. After approval, your article will be published within 1-4 months. We kindly ask that you not submit the article elsewhere during the editorial/pre-publishing phase.


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